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Ladies Soft Cotton Crew


Ladies Soft Cotton V-Neck


Mens Soft

Cotton Crew


Tee - Ladies Crew Aqua_edited.jpg
Tee - Ladies Crew Berry_edited.jpg
Tee - Ladies Crew Heather Orange_edited.
Tee - Ladies Crew Orchid_edited.jpg
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Heather Irish Green_
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Heather Royal_edited
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Heather Purple_edite
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Berry_edited.jpg
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Cherry_edited.jpg
Tee - Ladies V-Neck Azalea_edited.jpg
Tee - Mens Heather Bronze_edited.jpg
Tee - Mens Heather Forest Green_edited.j
Tee - Mens Heather Orange_edited.jpg
Tee - Mens Sand_edited.jpg
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Colors & Availability:
Royal (S=2, M=2, L=2 XL=1, XXL=1)
Berry (S=3, M=1, L=1, XL=1)
Heather Orange (S=2, M=3, L=3,XL=1, XXL=2)
Heather Purple (XL=2)
Orchid (XXL=1, more like "Large.5")
Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Colors & Availability:
Heather Irish Green
(S=2, M=2, L=1, XL=3)
Heather Royal (S=2, M=1)
Heather Purple (XL=2)
Berry (S=2, XL=1)
Cherry (L=1)
Azalea (XL=3)
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Colors & Availability:
Heather Bronze (S=1, M=1, XXL=3)
Heather Orange (M=2, XL=1, XXL=2)
Heather Forest Green (M=2, XL=3)
Sand (S=1, M=1)

*** ATTENTION:  Both styles of Ladies Tees run at least 1 size small. ***

Please send order via the email link on our "Contact Us" page.  Include the following:

1)  Mobile/Text number or email at which you wish to receive a PayPal request

     for the amount of your order.

2)  Shipping address.  Order ships once payment is received.


Shipping: $3.75 per item - 1st 2 items,

            then $1.75 per item after.

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