We are a talented and upbeat R&B, Funk, Soul, and Roots Rock band based in Ames, Iowa. Our zeal for these genres of music is evidenced by the abundance of spirit in our stage presentation and positive chemistry among our members. With all good-time music and an obvious great time going down on the stage, our connection with audiences is spontaneous, immediate, and enduring.


The ace-in-the-hole for V.V. is singer Mook Bascomb. Mook's voice is one to fall in love with over and over again, delivering both lead and harmony backing vocals with authenticity and joy. Co-lead singer Jeff Hart’s love of music and seemingly limitless energy flows forth in both his vocal performance and harmonica playing. Guitarist Kent Johnson not only drives the band with his funk-oriented rhythms and stark Blues-Rock leads, his is the crucial third voice in the three-part vocal harmonies that accentuate much of V.V.’s song list. We boast a very groovy rhythm section as well. Bassist Sean Ryan and drummer Todd Cumming keep it rocking steady for all the high steppers and hip shakers that can’t help but get out on the dance floor. The V.V. instrumental mix is always enhanced by the great players they bring in on keyboards and/or saxophone, rounding out their extremely bluesy and soulful sound.


Our performance repertoire brings a breath of fresh air to audiences craving a get-down-and-boogie sound that they can identify with.  We're smiling throughout every show because we know what surprises lie in store. What we’ve got is infectious and it’s never long before the whole venue is smiling with us.


Here’s hoping the V.V. party

comes your way soon!


Jeff:  641.777.4921

Kent:  515.238.9065

​eMail: heavyhart37@hotmail.com​​​




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