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The Vinyl Vagabonds are an R&B, Funk, Soul, and Roots Rock band based in Ames, Iowa. Our zeal for these genres of music is exhibited in a great time happening on the stage, and a great connection with our audiences and venue hosts.


Three unique singers bring a party brand of blended vocals, with the power forward voice of Mook Bascomb leading them out. Mook delivers both lead and backing vocals across all genres with authority and authenticity.  Jeff Hart’s spirited performance on vocals and harmonica are also versatile across many styles. Guitarist Kent Johnson plays from Stax Records to stark Blues-Rock stylings, and sings lead and backup vocals featured on signature songs in the band's ever-changing repertoire. On the bass guitar is smooth groove master Greg Bruna.  His bass sound is simply everywhere it should be, and versatile drummer Todd Cumming locks in with him to create a rhythm section that can't be resisted.


The Vinyl Vagabonds bring a get-down-and-boogie sound laid down over a wide variety of songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80's catalog and beyond.  We  hope to be playing good time music at your favorite venue soon!



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