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V.V. Adds Members

New Chemistry of

Sound and Humans Results

It is with much fanfare that Vinyl Vagabonds welcomes Greg Bruna and Dallas Thies to its successful operation in providing groovy good time music.  Greg will be playing bass guitar and Dallas will be the group's sound technician.

What happened to our previous bassist Sean Ryan, you might ask?  Sean is now being utilized in a manner more suitable to his unique talents.  That is, he's solidifying the sound of the band that guitarist Kent Johnson has always been laying the foundation for.  Yes. Sean is playing guitar now!  With this development, we hope fans enjoy the presence of more soloing, too, as Sean can sure bend those strings.

As for Greg, he comes to the band as a former bandmate of V.V. singer Jeff Hart in Blues purveyors Trouble No More, presently plays in Roots outfit Great Caesar's Goat with V.V. drummer Todd Cumming, and has been a member of many a musical group in the area, including alt-punk inspired trio Strong Like Bear and ukelele ensemble Britches and Hose.  Always finding the right space for walking and running on the bass fretboard, Greg's addition to the Vagabond blend has kept the flavor solidly groovy, as it should be.

Dallas is a veteran sound engineer who has worked with a vast array of the area's musicians.  Also an area musican of note, he presently plays drums for the Des Moines Big Band.  V.V.'s soundscape is a much healthier animal under Dallas's experienced care.

V. V. Supports Community radio

Summer of 2019 saw Vinyl Vagabonds pulling some time out of their feverish schedule to do a live taping at KHOI Community Radio right here in Ames.  The studio audience was amazingly appreciative and host Stephanie Johnson of the "Love of Music" radio show on KHOI asked us some very good questions about our band in between sets.

You can support KHOI Community Radio by clicking on this link:

V.V. Acquires New Bassist

The newest Vinyl Vagabond is bassman Sean Ryan.  Seen in this picture from a local barn party in September 2016, Sean is holding down the low end in a mighty, mighty way.  Look!  He melted his own face off!  It was his first gig with the band, and the vibe has kept on groovin' and improvin' since that night. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Vinyl Vagabonds Take Second Place at the Central Iowa Blues Challenge in Des Moines


A sample of the Judges' Comments: 


Undeniable chemistry in this very eclectic band of ‘Vagabonds’.  Mook Bascomb has real star

potential, but that is not to take away from any of the harmony shared with Jeff Hart – They sound fantastic together (and he is a hell of a harp blower!)


“I Put a Spell on You” was an absolute show stopper – What a voice!  Nice vocal showcase – And a flute was a surprise as well!


The enthusiasm shined through the entire performance and gained quite a crowd response.   Really fun to watch and delivered infectious grooves.  “You Don’t Know What Time It Is” has some real funky ass bass riffs to really bring the roof down.  BIG CROWD PLEASER!


Something about this band of misfits just works so well.  Real feel good Blues.  High energy all around.  These guys are really on to something NEW and FRESH.  Lots o’ potential here!


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